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What We Do

Quite simply, where any application requires the highest resolution X-ray images as quickly as possible, our detectors provide the solutions


The sensitivity of our detectors with market leading levels of MTF and DQE, plus our world class research staff make Direct Conversion the perfect partner for X-ray imaging in cutting edge scientific applications.


Our customers demand the best image for the lowest possible X-ray dose. Direct Conversion detectors capture virtually every photon, meaning that the absolute minimum levels of radiation will generate excellent images.

Weld integrity

Our detectors set new standards in resolution in the industrial sector; be it the examination of a 2km section of an ultra-large diameter 30mm thick steel pipe, or the highest resolution needed to inspect Zirconium alloy pellets in nuclear fuel rods.


Our established direct conversion CMOS technology already provides solutions to the world's dental market. Our latest generation photon counting detectors can take you further.

Food Processing

The combination of Dual Energy capability for material identification and ultra-fast X-ray imaging at speeds greater than 2,500fps make our detectors perfect for identifying foreign materials during food production.


Realtime X-ray imaging for Quality Control needs both repeatable high resolution images and fast throughput. Our latest generation of detectors can generate images of objects at 2m/s without compromise of detector performance.


Our detectors not only enhance your dual energy X-ray imaging capability, but the speed at which images are generated facilitate your ability to make critical security decisions. Fast.

Field Inspections

The robust nature of photon counting detectors with our radical direct CMOS conversion technology take laboratory grade X-ray imaging into the field.

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