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Empowering Faster Decision Making, Empowering Better Analysis, Empowered Imaging

Our X-ray detector technology provides a broad range of customers with the confidence to make critical decisions fast, helping the world to be a cleaner, safer and healthier environment for our families.

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A Global Leader In X-Ray Detectors

We are the technology leader in charge integration and photon counting direct conversion digital X-ray imaging for medical, dental and industrial markets. Headquartered near Stockholm, Sweden, we are the largest manufacturer of Cadmium Telluride detectors in the world and have production facilities that include an ISO4 cleanroom in Espoo, Finland and an assembly line and software house in London, UK.

Over the years we have provided detectors into imaging systems that are used across the globe by a broad range of customers; systems used by dentists, radiographers, surgeons, engineers, food scientists, nuclear technologists, the list of our customers continues to grow.

Knowledge is our Value

Our facilities enable us to realize our know-how into customer orientated products and solutions. With state-of-the-art research laboratories, we provide a platform for our world class scientists to continue to drive our cutting-edge technology forward.

We pride ourselves on being one of the first organisations to implement a uniquely dedicated production facility for the hybridization of an ASIC to a radiation detector. A key foundation of our manufacturing process is our world class cleanroom and expert production equipment.

An Established Partner

Our manufacturing capability to ISO13485 medical devices standard, along with producing our core technology in one of the best clean rooms in Scandinavia provides our customers with complete confidence in our product and solution reliability.

We target the medical, dental and industrial markets, where our current and future sensor platforms can be used efficiently. We work closely with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partners to continue to strengthen our position in each of these segments and maximize internal technology synergies.

Direct Conversion Brands

Direct Conversion has two brands of detectors both with the same unique know-how at their core – direct conversion technology. Both brands empower our customers with different capabilities.

The Ajat product line is the charge integration range of products. Ajat detectors are well established in the Dental sector being the world’s largest provider of direct conversion sensors in dental radiographic imaging.

Our photon counting detectors are the XCounter product range. These detectors set new standards in speed of imaging and powerful Dual Energy capability.

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