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Jul 05, 2019

Application Innovation Centre Draws Expert Audience to Opening

- By Jacqueline Wheeler

Visitors from around the globe have joined our Munich team for the opening of the Application Innovation Centre and our inaugural International Symposium on Photon Counting Technologies and Applications. CEO Spencer Gunn and General Manager, Eckhard Sperschneider (pictured), were there to greet our guests.

Our distinguished panel of guest speakers:
Prof Dr Franz Pfeiffer (TUM Munich), Professor Dr Dr Willi A Kalender (University of Erlangen Nuremberg), Thorsten Sellerer (TUM, Munich), David Schumacher (BAM, Berlin), Chin Kun Park (Tech Valley), Dr Robert E Adams (Paul Scherrer Institute), Dr Christian Fella (Fraunhofer Institute), Dr Christin Thalhofer (OCS, GmbH), Daniel Topan (Matrix Technologies), Frederic Ballach (Werth Messtechnik GmbH), Michael Salmon (Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits), Dr Daniel Kolditz (AB-CT GmbH), Claudio Piemonte (Avago Technologies GmbH), Dr Richard A Thompson (Canon Medical Research, USA), Dr Christian Schroeter (Siemens Healthineers), Dr Roger Steadman (Philips Research), Tyler E Curtis (University of Notre Dame, USA), Dr Simone Ferstl (TUM, Munich), Dr Daniel Kolditz (AB-CT GmbH), Professor Dr Katia Parodi (LMU, Munich), Stefanie Beck (TUM, Munich), Prof Dr Dr Andreas Boss (University of Zurich, Switzerland), Dr Han Wen (National Institute of Health, USA), Korbinian Mechlen (TUM, Munich), Dr Alessandro Olivo (University College, London and AXIm Group), Dr Rajiv Gupta (Massachusetts General Hospital)

On behalf of Direct Conversion:
Christer Ullberg, Dr Mattias Urech, Jonathan Schock, Dr Alex Stewart, Eckhard Sperschneider