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Jul 05, 2019

Professor Dr Franz Pfeiffer Speaks at Inaugural Symposium

- By Jacqueline Wheeler

Leibniz Award winner, Prof Dr Franz Pfeiffer, and Prof Dr Dr Willi Kalender addressed a packed conference room for day two of our Inaugural Symposium at the Application Innovation Centre. Over one hundred guests from Europe, America and Korea enjoyed presentations from a panel of experts exploring the role of photon counting in medical imaging. Prof Dr Franz Pfeiffer spoke about the basics and applications of spectral photon counting X-ray detectors in biomedical imaging and Prof Dr Dr Willi Kalender discussed spiral CT and single photon counting within the framework of whether this is a “future-prone success story”.

Further highlights of the day included sessions focused on The Medical Imaging Industry Perspective on PC Technology, as well as the Preclinical and Clinical Implementations of Photon Counting Detectors, Clinical Applications of Dual Energy and Spectral Photon Counting CT, and New Imaging Techniques Based on Photon Counting Detectors.

Christer Ullberg from Direct Conversion concluded the day with a look at some of the exciting work being done by our experts and the advances in our detector technology that will have significant benefits for our medical and industrial customers.