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Nov 19, 2019

ASNT At the Booth: Dr Daniel Odili, Industrial Sales Leader

- By Jacqueline Wheeler

Industrial Sales Leader for Direct Conversion, Dr Daniel Odili, brings 10 years’ experience working on global industrial projects to our company. He’s looking forward to meeting both existing and future clients at ASNT 2019 at booth 1334 where he will be sharing the unique features of our photon counting CdTE-CMOS based X-ray detectors. Here Dr Odili tells why Direct Conversion expects 2019 to be our best ASNT to date.

Why is ASNT a great event for DC?
There is growing awareness that NDT is an indispensable tool for the industry to be able to inspect, qualify and quantify failure and defects and ASNT 2019 brings all the industrial key stakeholders together.

Our X-ray detectors, when compared to standard CMOS technology, deliver higher efficiency, higher sensitivity, proven longevity, are highly durable and robust and suitable for ultra-fast scanning industrial applications.

ASNT gives us a chance to share the key benefits of our affordable photon counting X-ray detectors which I believe system providers would find very useful from technical and commercial standpoints.

What is new from DC for ASNT 2019?
I look forward to presenting the XC-Cygnus. This is a fantastic, new system that demonstrates our detector conformance to ASTM standards and serves as a platform for our clients to develop their own applications.

We will also be displaying some of our high energy detectors, including our XC-Thor detectors, and exhibiting various NDT applications currently employing our photon counting technology.

What makes DC’s technology leading edge?
We at Direct Conversion are delivering exceptional value for cutting-edge X-ray imaging performance for quick analysis and decision making within the industrial sector.

Our photon counting detectors offer superior performance for maintaining high contrast and resolution even at high energies and are often employed for pipe weld inspections amongst many other industrial applications.

Any lectures or talks you’re hoping to get to?
A definite highlight this year will be our Chief Mathematician Dr. Alex Stewart presenting on the recently released versions of our Industrial Thor detectors which are capable of delivering high resolution images at high energies for various NDT applications. (Paradise Exhibits on November 20th at 13:00).

Dr. Alex Stewart will also introduce our XC-Cygnus, a new system that provides long term detector performance monitoring to ASTM 2597 and 2737 standards. The benefits of long term monitoring include detector hardware, firmware, and inventory management; usage tracking metrics; simple procedure for ASTM performance metrics and tracking; and fleet management overview with ASTM standard metrics.

From an operational standpoint, XC-Cygnus provides long-term detector calibration, delivering the best possible image quality. XC-Cygnus’ long-term calibration improves Operations and QA through new firmware. Additionally, XC-Cygnus is the ideal imaging station customer development support, helping our customers to keep track of individual detectors performance over time.

How is the recent acquisition by Varex going to add value to DC?
Our recent acquisition by Varex Imaging corporation adds significant value to our business with larger clients having more confidence to employ our unique technologies on a larger scale which results in extensive growth.