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Nov 29, 2019

RSNA 2019 At the Booth, 2973: Dr York Haemisch, Medical & Research Sales Leader

- By Jacqueline Wheeler

Dr. York Haemisch, Medical & Research Sales Leader, brings 25 years’ experience of working with medical imaging projects to our company. He’s looking forward to meeting both existing and future clients at RSNA 2019 at booth 2973 where he and our expert team will be sharing the unique features of our photon counting, direct converting X-ray detectors. Here Dr Haemisch takes us through this year’s Direct Conversion highlights.

Why is RSNA a great event for Direct Conversion?
There is growing awareness that photon counting technology will play a major role in medical imaging, taking medical imaging diagnoses to a new level by providing more information to physicians at even lower radiation doses than before. Interest in the technology is reflected in the many talks in this year’s RSNA scientific programme focused on photon counting.

Our X-ray detectors, when compared to standard CMOS technology, deliver higher efficiency, higher sensitivity and allow for lower doses of radiation, while at the same time delivering higher quality images. In addition, our detectors’ exceptionally high speeds of acquisition enables completely new approaches, such as the live imaging of blood flow disturbances around stents. RSNA gives us the chance to share the key benefits of our photon counting X-ray technology with system manufacturers and users such as radiologists.

What is new from Direct Conversion for RSNA 2019?
This year, our theme is “Photon Counting: a Clinical Reality” because, for the first time, we can show our customers how Direct Conversion technology fits into the devices of clinical OEM manufacturers, such as Adani (booth 3159) and AB-CT (booth 8358), and demonstrate its clinical benefits. There will be a further surprise to unveil at the start of the show…

We will have a MeVis clinical display workstation at our booth, 2973, where Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Frauenfelder, a distinguished expert in the field of breast imaging, from the University Hospital, Zurich, will be presenting a “read with the expert” session:

December 4th at 11am: Photon Counting Breast CT versus Other Breast Imaging Modalities

Visitors to RSNA will also get a first look at our new XC-Pyxis™ technology, which is currently in development and which we hope will bring photon counting to the next level.

We are showcasing the first photon-counting area detector ever! This is a fantastic new development that demonstrates our technology leadership in this segment and will significantly enhance our opportunities in the medical imaging market.

Any Lectures Or Talks You Are Hoping To Get To?
Everyone who is interested in photon counting technology and applications should ensure they attend our two booth talks by Leibniz Prize Winner Prof. Dr. Franz Pfeiffer from the Technical University of Munich:

Tuesday December 3rd at 13:00Spectral CT Imaging: Basic Principles, Clinical Applications and Future Potential.

Wednesday December 4th at 13:00  – Spectral CT Imaging: Presentation of Selected Clinical Cases in Oncology, Abdominal Imaging and Neuroradiology.

Unfortunately, but fortunately for the business, my schedule is so packed that it will be hard for me to sneak out to lectures. I can actually only hope to do so after the industry exhibition closes. However, I will have my “spies”, highly valued research collaborators, watching the important sessions, in order not to miss the news.

Also, we are offering visitors to our booth a daily schedule of the important talks in the programme about photon counting and spectral imaging that we have compiled.

How is the recent acquisition by Varex going to add value to Direct Conversion?
Our recent acquisition by Varex Imaging Corporation (booth 4729) adds significant value to our business. We can access additional resources for accelerated development and we are now also able to offer solutions comprising of both source(s) and detector(s) that are synced to each other. This will bring a new quality of offerings to our clients.

What makes Direct Conversion’s technology leading edge?
Personally, I believe it is focus and clear determination, together with an overwhelming amount of knowledge and experience within the company. Our primary objective is to deliver the best images in the world at the lowest dose possible and at affordable costs.