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Nov 29, 2019

RSNA 2019 Professor Dr Franz Pfeiffer: Presentation at 13:00, Today, 4th December

- By Jacqueline Wheeler

Following the success of his 2018 RSNA presentation for Direct Conversion, Professor Dr Franz Pfeiffer returns to the Direct Conversion booth (2973), to present two talks that promise to be of huge interest to this year’s exhibition attendees.

Tuesday December 3rd at 13:00 – Spectral CT Imaging: Basic Principles, Clinical Applications and Future Potential.

Wednesday December 4th at 13:00  – Spectral CT Imaging: Presentation of Selected Clinical Cases in Oncology, Abdominal Imaging and Neuroradiology.

Professor Pfeiffer was awarded the Leibniz Prize for his pioneering work in phase-contrast X-ray imaging and is one of the most eminent scientists at The Technische Universitaet, Muenchen, where he holds the Chair for Biomedical Physics. We were also very fortunate to host a further specialist talk by the Professor at our new technology showroom, the Application Innovation Centre, Munich when the Centre opened this July.

In 2011, when Professor Pfeiffer was awarded the Leibniz Prize, his research in phase-contrast X-ray imaging was described as “trailblazing”. Since then, he has continued his ground-breaking work, focusing on new imaging methods for improved early diagnosis and detailed studies of illnesses such as cancer, lung diseases and osteoporosis. His scientific endeavours encompass fundamentally oriented research with high-energy X-rays in large international research centres and applied research on new concepts in radiology. 

When Direct Conversion asked Professor Pfeiffer about what lies ahead for photon counting, he said, “The biggest immediate potential for photon counting technology in medical imaging presently lies in precision quantification of multi-spectral CT imaging. In the more distant future, and if one could also build a large field of view detector, there would also be a big potential in digital X-ray radiography and angiography, which is currently not really in the focus of the developments because the available fields of view are too small.”

Join us at booth 2973 to hear the talks and to speak to our leadership team of experts who will be available to answer your technical questions.