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Apr 30, 2020

RSNA 2020: Direct Conversion Recommends

- By Jacqueline Wheeler

Image courtesy of  Professor Dr Franz Pfeiffer and The Technical University of Munich

Dr York Haemisch is our expert in medical imaging and Director of Technical Sales and Business Development at our Application and Innovation Centre in Munich, Germany. We catch up with him as he prepares to go online at the Varex virtual booth for RSNA 2020.

JW: As RSNA opens its virtual doors on this year’s digital exhibition, which events will you be logging into?

YH: RSNA is one of the busiest conferences in our calendar but I always make  time for talks that focus on photon counting, which I consider to be the future of medical X-ray imaging.

This year, the National Institute for Health (NIH) and the University of Buffalo will present results obtained using our exceptionally fast photon counting detectors.

NIH has used our THOR FX20  in an ultra-high-resolution setup for lung imaging, which should enable the differential diagnosis of lung disease. The University of Buffalo has used our ACTAEON FX5 detector in innovative research to in-vivo visualise blood flow in cardiac vessels after treatment interventions such as stents.

Both talks promise to show the benefits of photon counting in X-ray imaging.

JW: Direct Conversion is exhibiting with its parent company, the Varex Imaging Corporation, at their virtual booth this year. What innovations will you be highlighting?

YH: We are showcasing our XC-Thor series of detectors which have increased in speed to 5,000 fps second, have larger active areas and can make sectioning or curvature a possibility based on our modular design.

We also spotlight a first-time combination of a multi-beam X-ray source (MBX) with a photon counting multi-line detector offering potential for mammography.