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Direct conversion – compared to indirect conversion.

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Our Company

A company that innovates, creates, disrupts and fulfils, with the single focus of bringing advancement to our customers

Direct Conversion group is an entity born from the technical excellence of two, well respected X-ray imaging brands – Ajat and XCounter. The result is an organisation with a depth of world leading knowledge across research, development, software engineering and production. Our team strive to innovate in all these disciplines, bringing to life X-ray detector technology that sets new standards in the market place. As a company, we see the knowledge of our team as paramount in our goal to realise the highest performance X-ray detectors for our customers. We commit to strong investment in our business and place our experts at the core of our growth ambitions.  


  1. 1997

    XCounter founded. Start of development of the first photon counting gas detector.

  2. 1998

    Start of 2D mammo prototype system.

  3. 2001

    First 2D mammo prototype system ready, and start of tomo- mammo system development

  4. 2006

    Clinical trials of tomosynthesis mammo system.

  5. 2008

    Discontinuation of the tomosynthesis mammo system.

  6. 2009

    XCounter reboot = XCounter Group. Control over AJAT achieved. Decision to focus effort on gas free detectors

  7. 2010

    AJAT fully acquired. 1,600 units delivered to date. Start of the first photon counting ASIC.

  8. 2011

    New major shareholder. 2,600 units delivered to date. Start of the AS3128 Detector development for VR90, and Ajat moved to new, bigger facilities.

  9. 2012

    4,200 units delivered. First functional prototype with ASIC XC225. Start of the development of the second photon counting ASIC (XC128).

  10. 2013

    6,300 units delivered to date. First flite developed with both XC225 and XC128.  Respin of AJAT ASIC. Invested in Flip-Chip Bonder FC250.

  11. 2014

    8,300 units delivered to date. First flite 2.0 delivered. First XS150 delivered. 18,000 hybrids produced yearly. Start of development for the third photon counting ASIC (XC256), and 45 employees.

  12. 2015

    11,700 units delivered to date. First Hydra delivered with XC256. 21,500 hybrids produced yearly. Intra-oral development started: 60 employees. Charge integration new generation platform development started. Photon counting steps into the commercial business.

  13. 2016

    15,000 units delivered to date. Group reboot. Two product lines: XCounter and Ajat, or Photon Counting and Charge Integration under the Direct Conversion brand. First Actaeon delivered with XC225. First intra-oral detector developed. Over 6,000 panoramic sensors delivered. Over 3,000 XS150 delivered. 23,000 hybrids produced yearly. First steps towards area/flat panel taken together with additional investment.

  14. 2017

    18,300 units delivered to date. 65 employees. First supply agreement for photon counting product signed. First Thor delivered. Group wide ERP system implemented, and over 100 photon counting detectors on the market.

  15. 2018

    21,700 units delivered to date. 70 employees. Over 100 Thor detectors for weld inspection delivered. First deliveries to a medical photon counting supply agreement. New agreements with customers in food inspection, weld inspection and industrial NDT for photon counting detectors. Re-spin of photon counting ASIC, and development of large area detector photon counting.

  16. 2019

    In April 2019, Direct Conversion was acquired by The Varex Imaging Corporation, combining the expertise of both companies, and the experience Varex has in volume manufacturing and X-ray.

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