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Photon Counting for Dental X-ray


The DC- Vela photon counting X-ray detector has been designed by our team of experts in dental X-ray imaging. It delivers high performance imaging but is compact in size, making it an excellent detector for dental panoramic X-ray.

Truly Digital from the Start

Photon counting technology can provide excellent image quality at high speeds because it is truly digital from the start. We describe what we capture as true digital pixels because, unlike conventional X-ray technology, every photon is converted immediately to a digital signal, rendering them free from read-out noise. The result is high performance, high efficiency and high image quality. This translates to benefits in dental treatments that go beyond the diagnostic results; the patient can experience shorter exposures with the additional advantage of low dose.

Dual Energy Imaging

Dentists can now utilise advances in spectral imaging with the DC-Vela’s dual energy functionality. A single, low radiation dose exposure can produce three, simultaneous images using existing hardware, eliminating the need for stacked detectors, beam filtering, multiple X-ray sources or kVp modulation.

With the use of dual energy capabilities, it is possible for dental images to reveal soft tissue and bone structures to aid in clinical applications¹.

600 frames per second

The power of DC-Vela, running at 600 fps for a typical panoramic exposure, is the force behind fast, blur-free projections and the resulting ultra-sharp reconstructed images. For the clinician, this speed provides valuable, high contrast images that aid in a detailed analysis.

DC-Vela Highlights


DC-Vela Future Products

DC-Vela XL

This is a draft image of the DC-Vela XL which is currently in development

Our team are engineering the DC-Vela XL to directly respond to the requirements of cephalometric imaging, with its extended active area of 230 mm x 6 mm². The benefits of dual energy photon counting detectors are being carefully included in the design to ensure the features and performance are as robust as its preceding smaller active area models². A prototype of the the DC-Vela XL is scheduled to be available during 2022³.

DC-Vela 3D

This is a draft image of the DC-Vela 3D which is currently in development

Dental cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) can look forward to the DC-Vela 3D, tailored to meet the specific needs of these application with a small field-of-view photon counting detector. Benefitting from the dual energy technology of the DC-Vela family, this detector is being designed to deliver excellent performance.

Dental CBCT typically suffers from photon counting starvation and strong beam hardening caused by heavy materials used in implants and fillings. The DC-Vela 3D is less affected by this because of the excellent low dose performance, while the wide dynamic range of the detector preserves the details in lightly attenuating areas.

The dual energy imaging allows – in addition to beam hardening correction – enhanced separation of different types of materials and tissues4.

The DC-Vela 3D is being designed to be a very fast detector, running at up to 1000 fps, maintaining high reconstruction resolution throughout the volume in line with fast imaging modes.

¹ Preliminary results per pre-clinical study with Technical University of Munich.
² Due to the fact that the XL is 50% larger than base model, then more area can be scanned.
³ All specifications are preliminary and subject to change without prior notice. The DC-Vela XL is a planned concept and not available until 2022-23. It is not an approved product.
4Separation results will be influenced by the composition type of each material. Clinical benefits have not been confirmed or proven.

Video for OEMs & Dentists

For OEMs

What is the science behind our groundbreaking photon counting technology and how has its power been harnessed in the new DC Vela dental X-ray detector series, with the compact DC-Vela, the 3D and XL detectors that have the potential to revolutionise the experience of X-ray analysis for dentists?

Jens Sjödahl, our Sales and Business Development Manager, and Tuomas Pantsar, Product Manager and IPR Manager, put the questions OEMs want answered to our expert Research Engineer, Mattias Urech.

For Dentists

At IDS 2019, Jens Sjödahl, our Sales and Business Development Manager, created a workshop specifically for dentists to find out what they looked for in their dental X- ray systems. The results were intriguing. Although the X-ray system is one of the most significant investments dentists make when they set up their practice, they were unlikely to have seen information about the component that sits at the heart of the system: the X-ray detector.

So, Jens and Tuomas Pantsar, Product and IPR Manager, collaborated on this video for dentists, explaining in terms that make sense to the practitioners themselves, how the type of X-ray detector in their system has the potential to make a difference to their diagnoses and their workflow.

Varex Imaging

Direct Conversion is proud to be part of the The Varex Imaging Corporation. For more information about the specific benefits this brings, explore the products and services Varex Imaging offers to our customers here.


Jens Sjödahl,

Technical Sales & Business

Development Manager



Tuomas Pantsar

Product Manager and IPR Manager