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Technology for Dental

The Pioneers of Direct Conversion X-ray Imaging

Technology to support the dental profession

Our SNAP family detectors have been setting new standards in dental X-ray imaging for over ten years. The SNAP150 compact sensor was the world’s first detector to bring CdTE technology to panoramic imaging and set a new standard in what dental practitioners could expect of X-ray diagnostics. Such was the impact of this ground-breaking product, it led to the introduction of the SNAP225 sensor that combined both panoramic and cephalometric X-ray imaging modalities in both fixed or moveable sensor configurations. These two products continue to remain at the forefront of imaging quality in dental radiology.

With our established position as a market leader in advancing detector technology for dental applications, we are now looking to the future. Our research team is developing ultra-high resolution solutions for intra-oral applications with unique 25 micron pixel ARISTO sensor. And we look to bring ideas that have been developed in other parts of the Direct Conversion group into dental applications, including 3D imaging, photon counting and multiple energy bin capability for spectral imaging.


SNAP 225

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SNAP 150

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SNAP 225

Dental sensor (panoramic, cephalometric). The SNAP225 is a sensor well-suited to dental X-ray imaging in both panoramic and cephalometric modalities, in either fixed or movable sensor configurations. It can also be adapted to other X-ray imaging applications.


The unparalleled imaging performance produced by the CdTeCMOS technology is coupled with industry standard Gigabit Ethernet interface and flexible software solutions.

SNAP 150

Dental sensor (panoramic, cephalometric). SNAP150 is a compact X-ray sensor designed for dental panoramic X-ray imaging and other narrow beam X-ray applications requiring the 150 mm active area.


Gigabit Ethernet interface combined with low power consumption and flexible, easy-to-
use software allow fast integration to any X-ray system.


Ultra-high resolution sensor. ARISTO is a high resolution, self-triggering X-ray sensor designed for small field of view imaging. High resolving power is achieved with an ultra-fine pitch directly converting silicon (Si) sensor.


USB interface and self-triggering ensure ease of use and compatibility with any X-ray source in the range of 10 to 70 kVp.


The basic component in our detectors is a direct conversion material, which converts the X-rays into electrical signals, and a CMOS (ASIC) which transforms the electrical signals into a data stream of either the integrated electrical charge or the number of photons which has entered each pixel. This data is then used to create a digital image which is either two- or three- dimensional, depending on the scan geometry.

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