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Technology for Medical

Photon counting in X-ray detection leads the way to lower dose in medical imaging

Technology to support the medical profession

Direct Conversion’s long established ISO13485 accredited production facilities have been delivering detector solutions to the healthcare industry across a broad range of imaging applications.

The market leading benefits of our technology have added value to mammography, CT, radiosurgery, angiography and many aspects of digital radiology.

Our Hydra detectors bring cutting-edge performance to full body scanning where low dose imaging is essential. And our smaller Actaeon detectors provide our customers with new levels of sensitivity.

We provide bespoke CT modules for the latest in breast CT.

We work closely with medical research organisations who need the performance of our detectors to develop the latest in phase contrast imaging work.

Whatever your requirements, we have a team of scientists and engineers who have depth of understanding for the provision of X-ray imaging solutions to the medical radiology sector.

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More application areas than you think

Are you searching for a sealing solution that meets your requirements?
Have a look at your industry, or a similar one, and discover what we can do for you!

Mammography CT

Superior to the mammography for detecting cancers

The CT/M appears to be especially superior to the mammography for detecting cancers in dense, premenopausal, dysplastic breasts.

The CT/M can detect totally unsuspected, very small breast cancers that conventional mammography or physical exam could not identify.



The XC-Hydra series is the world’s first commercially available photon counting detector using direct conversion technology that is dedicated to medical applications.


Developed around the Direct Conversion group’s powerful CdTe- CMOS hybrid sensor, the XC-Hydra sets new standards in sensitivity, making it a leader in low dose imaging. With market defining energy resolution and dual energy discrimination, the XC-Hydra provides unparalleled performance.


Setting new standards in imaging speed, the 2000 fps XC-ACTAEON series brings the best in photon counting, direct conversion imaging to the market.


With powerful dual energy capability, and unrivalled energy discrimination with unsurpassed charge sharing correction, XC-ACTAEON detectors provide solutions for the most stringent demands. The combination of imaging speed and sensitivity makes the XC-ACTAEON the ideal solution for advanced research applications and for customers whose requirements take them beyond the limits of other X-ray detector technologies.


The basic component in our detectors is a direct conversion material, which converts the X-rays into electrical signals, and a CMOS (ASIC) which transforms the electrical signals into a data stream of either the integrated electrical charge or the number of photons which has entered each pixel. This data is then used to create a digital image which is either two- or three- dimensional, depending on the scan geometry.

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