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Technology for Welding

Sensitivity, radiation hardness and speed for digital radiography in weld inspection

Technology to support the welding profession

By industrialising laboratory grade, direct conversion, photon counting imaging, our XC-TDI ultra-fast detector opens up the opportunity to image smaller pipes at speeds previously unachievable, while retaining incredible resolution.

Direct conversion hybrid technology also provides market leading sensitivity. Our Thor and SNAP100x2 detectors set new standards in circumferential weld inspection where we can achieve 100 micron resolution images on large diameter pipes faster than other commercially available X-ray detectors. This sensitivity also enables thicker walled pipes to be examined for the same X-ray source or systems to move to Double Wall Single Image configurations where previously only Single Wall Single Image was achievable. 

See some example of images below, or contact us for the opportunity to evaluate our technology.



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SNAP 100X2

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The XC-THOR series detectors are specifically designed for applications requiring solutions that are robust and radiation hard.


The direct conversion CdTe technology of these detectors bring the benefits of high sensitivity to industrial applications, along with the image sharpness intrinsic to photon counting. With dual energy capability, the XC-Thor additionally enables selective energy imaging, providing powerful removal of low energy scatter radiation. The superior radiation hardness of CdTe compared to scintillator detectors sets new standards in detector lifetime.

check1000 fps at 100 micron resolution checkUnsurpassed levels of MTF and DQE checkUp to 300 kV, more with ultra-high kV options


The XC-TDI series detector is the fastest, dual energy, photon counting industrial detector on the market.


Ideal for line scan applications which demand high speed inspection and material discrimination, the cadmium telluride (CdTe) photon counting technology enables high resolution imaging at fast speed with the ability to differentiate between subject materials. The unrivalled sensitivity, combined with efficient TDI scanning, maximises the use of available X-rays in generating high quality images thereby decreasing X-ray tube power requirements. The superior radiation hardness of CdTe compared to scintillator detectors sets new standards in detector lifetime.

SNAP 100X2

Industrial sensor (weld inspection, industrial CT, NDT). SNAP100x2 is a flexible solution for soft X-ray (<20 kVp for 0.75 mm CdTe) to hard X-ray (320+ kVp with 1.4 mm CdTe) imaging.


The larger width of the imaging area produces high quality images even in low flux applications and the dual channel design allows uninterrupted data capture.


The compact enclosure of the sensor is well suited for integration in applications requiring portability, such as pipe weld inspection.


Despite the compact size, the device is temperature controlled for maximum performance.


The basic component in our detectors is a direct conversion material, which converts the X-rays into electrical signals, and a CMOS (ASIC) which transforms the electrical signals into a data stream of either the integrated electrical charge or the number of photons which has entered each pixel. This data is then used to create a digital image which is either two- or three-dimensional, depending on the scan geometry.

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