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Oct 07, 2020

10 Reasons To Choose Direct Conversion #1

- By Pauline Brown

Photon Counting Technology

We think there are so many good reasons why you should work with us … we decided we had to share our ‘Top 10’

Here’s #1 – Our Photon Counting Technology

Three ways we make our photon counting technology affordable.

Modular: we make detectors that are modular so they can be optimised to meet the size and geometry that works best for the application.

Options: we carefully select the most appropriate quantities and qualities of materials for the job which makes for a cost-effective as well as a high performance solution. CdTe is a relatively high-cost raw material – so we offer options from 0.75mm to 3mm CdTe thickness to suit the application.

Efficiency: we’re steeped in photon counting expertise, with over twenty years of experience, so we’ve been able to build highly productive in-house R&D and manufacturing processes – from designing ASICs to wafer processing; from hardware design to writing firmware; from embedded software to calibration algorithms and image processing software; from assembly to quality control testing and production. Photon counting is our world.

So it’s no surprise that our photon counting X-ray technology is being used to address real challenges, solving problems in industries as wide ranging as oil and gas, food inspection, weld inspection, battery inspection, electronic inspection, dental and medical applications.

Our products:

  • produce high quality images at low dose
  • have a very high dynamic range – more detail over a wide range of exposures
  • use energy discrimination for better separation and identification of materials
  • have very high frame rates for fast imaging
  • integrated TDS for faster, noise-free read out​
  • electronic scatter rejection​
  • no photon over-weighting​
  • fast, high resolution images with long lifetime and consistent performance even at very high energies​