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Jan 05, 2021

10 Reasons to Choose Direct Conversion #7

- By Pauline Brown

We think there are so many good reasons why you should work with us … we decided we had to share our ‘Top 10’

Here’s #7 – Rapid Prototyping and Customisation

Our approach, developed from years of experience mixed with leading-edge expertise, enables us to combine rapid prototyping and customisation with large scale manufacturing, implementing innovative processes for cost-effective, well controlled and flexible on-time production.  This approach includes the development of our common technology platform and our modular design.

We prototype, based on variants of our core products, to test and develop options to meet customers’ requirements. Our smart, on-demand factory, based on industry 4.0 principles, has the flexibility to manufacture a wide range of options cost-effectively. Our ISO13485 compliant processes are the basis for maintaining control, traceability and best practices whilst offering the flexibility and agility needed to respond to today’s businesses.

Our common technology platform enables fast but managed change control, an ability to implement rapid updates, and improvements.

Our photon counting technology is a highly sophisticated with complex electronics – a single pixel might have upwards of 2500 transistors, compared to as few as 3 in a simple flat panel detector. Achieving modular and flexible options for our customers is only possible through the expertise and experience we have developed over many years.

We are at heart a technical company, driven to maintain a leading-edge and set the bar for new technological advancements in commercial X-ray detection.

However we are also led by the desire to solve the problems our customers share with us, and by working together our customers reap significant benefits with early access to new technology developments.

Customised products for large customers with application-specific requirements, such as the curved-geometry detector we developed specifically for forensic applications, have enabled the launch of exciting, first-to-market products.

Our products:

  • provide images at low dose
  • have a very high dynamic range which reveals more detail over a wide range of exposures
  • provide energy discrimination for separation and identification of materials
  • achieve images with minimal photons which leads to increased speed​
  • integrate fast digital counting enabling better TDS images with less blur​
  • deliver fast, noise-free read out​
  • enable electronic scatter rejection​
  • have no photon over-weighting