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Oct 21, 2020

10 Reasons To Choose Direct Conversion #2

- By Pauline Brown

Dual energy and spectral X-ray imaging

Here’s #2 in our Top 10 reasons why we’re a great partner to our industry and medical customers – our dual energy and spectral X-ray imaging technologies

Over 20 years experience in photon counting X-ray imaging has meant we’ve built an absolutely first rate R&D team, pushing technological boundaries.

Our customers know the benefits of our technology – no readout noise, whether for one or millions of photons per second, direct conversion rather than scintillator-based technology, removing a step in the process, generating digital information at pixel level with no blurring, very fast imaging, and very high resolution.

And they know that the technology translates into advantages. Our dual energy and spectral imaging enables discrimination of a wide variety of materials, e.g. in medical applications, a chest image can be viewed with or without the ribs, enhancing diagnostic capabilities; in industrial applications such as food processing inspection systems, fine pieces of plastic can be detected in complex materials such as granola.

With more to come – new developments include our 4-side ASIC which will enable large, to very large, area photon counting detectors, super-resolution technology, our small pixel ASIC…

We know you’ll want to know more. And we always have time for you – so get in touch.

Our products:

  • provide better images at much lower dose (potentially up to 70% lower)
  • have a very high dynamic range which reveals more detail over a wide range of exposures
  • provide energy discrimination for better separation and identification of materials
  • achieve better images with fewer photons which leads to increased speed​
  • integrate fast digital counting enabling better TDS images with less blur​
  • delivers faster, noise-free read out​
  • enables electronic scatter rejection​
  • have no photon over-weighting​
  • provide overall faster, higher resolution images with long lifetime and consistent performance even at very high energies​.