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Oct 30, 2020

10 Reasons To Choose Direct Conversion #3

- By Pauline Brown

We think there are so many good reasons why you should work with us … we decided we had to share our ‘Top 10’

Here’s #3 – Our Global Reach and Local Relationships

We really like to get to know our customers. We think a partnership approach helps build better businesses for everyone.

Our customers have access to our imaging experts from around the world. Direct Conversion and Varex Imaging’s combined expertise, working together with customers and research scientists, means we can test, demonstrate and evaluate optimal X-ray imaging technologies which are focused on addressing real challenges.

The global reach and distributed manufacturing which Varex Imaging has established around the world has built a smart, adaptable business which means a strong, robust supply chain. Our customers now have access to more local offices, in more countries, with experts speaking more languages, offering an unparalleled network of technical and application X-ray imaging experts.

Our photon counting detectors:

  • provide images at lower dose (potentially up to 70% lower)
  • very high dynamic range (detail over a wide range of exposures)​
  • energy discrimination for better separation and identification of materials
  • images achieved with less photons which leads to increased speed​
  • digital counting which enables TDI images with less blur​
  • fast noise-free read out​
  • electronic scatter rejection​​
  • long lifetime and consistent performance even at very high energies​.