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Nov 13, 2020

10 Reasons To Choose Direct Conversion #4

- By Pauline Brown

We think there are so many good reasons why you should work with us … we decided we had to share our ‘Top 10’

Here’s #4 – Varex Imaging Corporation is a world leader in X-ray imaging

Varex Imaging Corporation is the largest global manufacturer of X-ray components. With over 90% of the global, medical X-ray imaging OEMs as customers, the wealth of their expertise is unquestionable. As part of the Varex Imaging team we have access to their seasoned experts, their global coverage, their solid support and authentic experience with over 65 years of innovation and development.

Together, Varex Imaging and Direct Conversion deliver a world-class combination of leading technical solutions and integrated cutting-edge technologies, such as photon counting with nano tube x-ray sources, and high energy photon counting detectors suitable for Linatron applications.

As well as an enormous R&D investment in future, leading-edge X-ray technologies, Varex Imaging are working with many academic institutions around the world supporting them, and us, to develop transformative technologies.

Our products:

  • provide images at low dose
  • have a very high dynamic range which reveals more detail over a wide range of exposures
  • provide energy discrimination for separation and identification of materials
  • achieve images with minimal photons which leads to increased speed​
  • integrate fast digital counting enabling better TDS images with less blur​
  • deliver fast, noise-free read out​
  • enable electronic scatter rejection​
  • have no photon over-weighting