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Apr 28, 2022

Control 2022: Photon Counting X-ray Detectors for Automotive Inspection

- By Jacqueline Wheeler

Large scale manufacturing of CFRP automotive parts requires an NDE inspection system to evaluate parts quality that is rapid, highly accurately and cost-effective.

We teamed up with TWI for the Tacoma Project which aimed to develop an NDE system to inspect automotive parts. At the heart of the Tacoma NDE solution is Varex Imaging’s photon counting X-ray detector which has already been implemented within diverse industrial X-ray applications. Our ultra-fast scanning, high resolution, highly sensitive detector brings significant added value to the detection of defects such as voids/porosity, contaminants and reduced resin filling in CFRP materials. The system is also capable of sizing flaws within a given composite material using built in measurement tools.

Our photon counting X-ray detector technology can scan parts faster to a high degree of sensitivity, an impressive response to inspection requirements where current technologies are struggling, for example: imaging local densities of fibres to resin, fibres alignment, cracks, delamination, corrosion and internal damages.

This game-changing technology answers the need for high volume, high speed inspection of CFRP for the automotive industry. The Tacoma prototype system is scalable and will be made available to industry automakers and tier suppliers for the manufacturing of CFRP composite automotive components to help improve the global environmental footprint.

Discover the potential of photon counting for your industry at the Varex Stand, Control 2022 in Hall 5, Booth 5405