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Apr 28, 2022

Control 2022: Photon Counting for Battery Inspection

- By Jacqueline Wheeler

Varex Imaging’s photon counting X-ray detectors are addressing critical needs for the quality inspection of batteries. Recent innovations in battery design, such as batteries with ultra-thin layers, are creating more challenges for safety inspections. The ultra-thin layers are susceptible to damage, and there is demand for higher levels of complexity which require even greater precision in battery safety checks and quality inspection.

The integrated TDI feature within our photon counting detector enables every thin layer to be imaged with the detector settings optimized to gain both thickness and distance information. Our photon counting detectors accommodate flexibility in the capability of variable settings for the number of TDI pixel-lines used. The TDI-line scan setup can inspect very thin (<100 µm) stacked layers with a minimum of parallax effects independently of the number of layers.

Our photon counting detectors with larger active area can also be employed for CT imaging of small components, where an in-line CT inspection system would benefit from our high speed DC-Thor detectors with 10G ethernet interface. 

Discover the potential of photon counting for your industry at the Varex Stand, Control 2022 in Hall 5, Booth 5405