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Apr 29, 2022

Control 2022: Photon Counting X-ray Inspection for Industrial Quality Assurance

- By Jacqueline Wheeler

Photon counting X-ray detectors are an advanced technology that can meet the current, challenging demands of industrial inspection, where pace and accuracy are paramount. However, what is more significant is that its potential applications are still emerging as customers from across the breadth of industrial manufacturing meet our experts and discover its impressive range of benefits.

What Makes a Photon Counting X-ray Detector So Different from a Conventional Detector?

A photon counting detector can deliver high signal to noise ratio, zero dark current, high resolution with low dose, high dynamic range, integrated TDI and charge sharing correction features. The image acquisition is fast (milliseconds) with reduced image noise, enhanced contrast, and reduced susceptibility to artefacts.

Special features of our detectors for industrial applications include highly efficient and reliable technology, unlimited dynamic range for imaging non-uniform complex structures, fast framing for high speed and faster imaging time, and dual energy for material identification, discrimination and scatter rejection. 

Super Resolution and What It Means for Optimal Quality Assurance

Varex Imaging is a pioneering force in developing super resolution technologies in photon counting X-ray imaging. The combination of the high native spatial resolution of the directly converting materials (CdTe), together with intelligent re-binning and reconstruction algorithms with anti-coincidence and charge sharing correction technologies, mean that our detectors achieve a performance not possible with conventional X-ray technology.

A key feature of Varex photon counting X-ray detectors is super resolution imaging, which significantly improves image quality. Additional and more useful information is therefore available for data analysis. Super resolution imaging offers an alternative solution to geometrical magnification, without recourse to which it becomes possible to achieve a much more compact inspection system. In some industrial applications, such as the security market, the key imaging output data (dual-energy, scatter imaging and super resolution) from a Varex photon counting X-ray detector enables us to detect distinct results useful for material characterisation and classification. 

The DC-Thor series of detectors are compact, dual energy, photon counting, direct converting X-ray detectors designed using CdTe-CMOS sensor hybrids. The DC-Thor.SR detectors are optimized for higher image resolution in scanning applications using super resolution techniques. The pixel geometry is unconventional and specially designed for the purpose.

News: Find Out Which Industries are Benefitting from Photon Counting X-ray Detectors

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Discover the potential of photon counting for your industry at the Varex Stand, Control 2022 in Hall 5, Booth 5405