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Jul 07, 2020

Spectral Imaging – the XC-Pyxis

- By Pauline Brown

How we are developing the new XC-Pyxis

We’re excited to share news of one of our most exciting ‘in development’ initiatives  –  a 4-side fully tileable ASIC with spectral imaging capabilities.

This new initiative is based on our photon counting know-how and opens the door to ‘colour’ (spectral) imaging.

Photon counting enables the collection of information at each pixel, where it’s possible to set one or more thresholds corresponding to the energy levels of the incident radiation. This gives levels of discrimination of different materials – so when two thresholds are used this is dual energy, multiple thresholds are used to get spectral imaging.

Called the XC-Pyxis, this development will open up a world of opportunities to answer needs for affordable photon counting X-ray detectors in a huge variety of never-before-possible sizes and shapes, such as large area photon counting detectors for clinical CBCT.

Incorporating a new pixel electronics design scheme with on chip binning and up to 6 energy thresholds per pixel, this development will also deliver on reduced bandwidth requirements, reduced power consumption, and continuous counting.

We will have more to tell you as development continues – watch this space for information as we go through the development stages. We are happy to share news of this innovation, certain it will bring benefits to both our industrial and medical customers.

Our R&D is always dominated by our desire to answer real challenges in medical and industrial environments so we work closely with our customers to move technology forwards in a way which answers business requirements. Get in touch to talk to us about your X-ray imaging needs.

In the meantime, follow this link to see a visual animation of the XC-Pyxis development concepts

Introduction to photon counting