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Feb 17, 2021

X-ray Inspection for Electronics and Semi-conductors

- By Pauline Brown

The implementation of our photon counting X-ray sensors is transforming automatic inspection systems in electronics and the semi-conductor industry.

We can now share test results from our Application Innovation Centre in Munich in which our technology is used in scenarios relevant to real world applications, including Final Assembly and Test (FATP), component inspection, solder-joint inspection, 2D and CT inspection of stacked batteries.

The data is impressive.

For example, we used a TDI650 detector, with a TDI scan speed of up to 150 mm per second for an automated X-ray inspection of a laptop at final test, and achieved an effective object resolution of < 32 µm. The image was generated in dynamic 32 bit or 16 bit (64,000 grey-levels per pixel). Most equivalent systems on the market use 12 or 14 bit.

In another scenario, we inspected solder joints. The XC-Thor detector was used with optimised TDI set up of 128 lines, and a scanning speed of up to 50 mm/ sec, producing an image with an effective resolution of < 10 µm.

Fast and efficient, photon counting X-ray detectors can reveal faults earlier in the manufacturing process of complex products.  Industries are reaping the benefits of imaging at this level, in both quality and efficiency. Investment in this technology supports risk mitigation and profit.

We encourage you to read and share this summary, which includes details of the scenarios, the X-ray images, the data, and an introduction to the science behind our technology.

To get in touch and discuss the report in more depth, and discover how our experts can provide a state-of-the-art solution for your manufacturing application,  please contact us: 

Download the full article here: Electronics-and-semiconductor-Xray-inspection


X-ray Inspection for Electronics and Semi-conductors