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Direct Conversion Quarterly Roundup, April 2018 – July 2018

Alex Halls

July 9, 2018

It has been an excellent second quarter for everyone at Direct Conversion. We’ve visited some key events across the world including Tokyo, Ghent, Leipzig and Gothenburg. We’ve caught up with some old colleagues and friends and met with some potential new customers.

Much of the second quarter was focused on our work in the NDT sector which culminated in a hugely successful ECNDT 2018. We are confident the third quarter will bring even more success and will see Direct Conversion continue in it’s growth, highlighted in the fact we have recently begun recruiting for a number of new roles in London and Stockholm.


ECNDT 2018

ECNDT was a major focus for us this year as we continued to expand our knowledge and portfolio in the NDT sector.

Exhibiting at the brilliant event in Gothenburg not only allowed us to showcase our technology but provided us with a platform to discuss the future of NDT X-ray imaging.

It gave us the opportunity to speak with customers about the challenges they face on a daily basis which will help us shape and create products that are market leading and address the key issues in specific sectors.

Henrik Lohman from our Finnish office also spoke during the Exhibition Sessions, delivering a talk on “The first widely-used, affordable Photon Counting X-ray imager for Industrial applications”.

During the event, we showcased our Thor product range and talked about our photon counting technology and how its application in NDT, particularly weld and pipe inspection, can deliver excellent ROI. It was incredibly well received and we’re already looking forward to next year.

If you’d like to meet with us next year at ECNDT please get in touch: (



Members of our management team accompanied Acrorad, one of our major distributors in the Asian market, to FOOMA JAPAN, in Tokyo this June.

FOOMA JAPAN is the International Food Machinery & Technology Exhibition organised by The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers’ Association.

The exhibition showcases products, technologies, and services primarily within food processing operations. These represent every conceivable link in the value chain for food-related equipment and is widely regarded as one of the biggest events in this field.

We visited FOOMA JAPAN in 2017 and recognised it as one of the leading events in the industry and 2018 didn’t disappoint either. Once again, the event provided a great opportunity to raise visibility, meet with potential new customers and strengthen existing relationships.

We’ll certainly be back in 2019.


99. Deutscher Röntgenkongress in Leipzig

In May, members of our leadership team visited the 99th German X-Ray Congress in Leipzig, to support our partner AB-CT with the unveiling of the new nu:view breast CT scanner.

The four-day conference showcased ground-breaking innovations in radiology and laid out some of the future developments in the field. It was attended by world leading doctors, natural scientists, industry representatives, medical assistants and students and was a brilliant opportunity for industry leaders to come together, continue their education and exchange ideas.

The event opened with an excellent talk from the infinitely brilliant, Prof. Willy Kalender, the father of the AB-CT CEO and the intellectual father of spiral CT in the world. Prof. Kalender gave an introduction to breast CT and highlighted the advantages of our detectors.

It was encouraging to see the amount of interest and excitement in this new technology and our detectors in Leipzig.



York Haemisch from our Munich office flew to Philadelphia in June, to attend the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) annual meeting. The meeting brought together medical doctors, researchers and manufacturers in the field of molecular imaging.

There were a number of important learnings from the event, especially on the subject of CZT detectors, which was an important topic amongst the community at SNMMI.

We met many interesting people in Philadelphia as we look to explore opportunities for our technology in the field of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging and were pleased to note a high level of interest from those in R&D.

We’re looking forward to following up these initially promising talks in the second half of the year.


Total Body PET

York Haemisch visited Total Body PET in Ghent, Belgium at the end of June

He delivered a talk on the subject of ‘Complementing Total Body PET by low dose Computed x-ray Tomography (CT) using photon counting, energy dispersive x-ray detectors’ – which went down well with all in attendance.

Due to the venue, event was limited to a small audience, so if you are interested in receiving a .pdf of the talk please get in touch at



Direct Conversion’s CTO, Christer Ullberg, attended the 20th annual International Workshop on Radiation Imaging Detectors (iWoRiD) in Sundsvall, Sweden between June 24-28.

It was attended by some of the world’s leading academics and universities, all of which are working at the leading-edge in innovative detector science.

iWoRid presented a fantastic platform for discussion and many of those in attendance spoke about their current research, as well as developments in radiation imaging.

It was a great event, made even more enjoyable by the fact we had time to meet with old friends and colleagues who are instrumental in the future research and inspire us with exciting developments in this field. It’s always nice to catch up with familiar faces and see how they’re still striving to innovate and improve the technology.



Growth and Expansion

The first half of the year can only be seen as a huge success for everyone at Direct Conversion. We’ve exhibited and spoken at some key events, we’ve had incredible interest in our products from across the globe and we’ve continued our programme of R&D as we continually look to improve our technology and products.

This has culminated in the need to expand our team to meet the new demands and we have recently started recruiting for a number of new positions including; a Test Engineer, Senior Software Engineer and Mechanical Engineer.

We look forward to updating you on the progress of this search and introducing you to the new team members.

If you know anyone that might be interested in any of our new positions, please get in touch, you can see them all advertised on our LinkedIn page.

If you want to keep up to date with everything we’re doing, follow us on social media here:

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