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Direct Conversion Quarterly Roundup, January 2018 – April 2018

Alex Halls

April 10, 2018

It has been a busy start to the year. We’ve attended some elucidating and interesting industry events, in some fantastic locations. We met with current and new customers in Vienna, Chicago, London and Munich, and forged new partnerships across the world, especially through our distributors in Russia, Japan and Korea.

We sponsored the always interesting and forward-looking ‘Future of Imaging’ campaign in The Guardian with MediaPlanet and spoke at the Medical Physics event at the IOP. Direct Conversion CTO, Christer Ullberg gave a talk at SPIE Medical Imaging on photon counting detectors, Our Operations Director, Roland Neal, and Managing Director Direct Conversion GmbH, York Haemisch, attended MediSens in London, and we took most of our senior team to ECR……

ECR 2018

ECR was a tremendous event. We redesigned our booth for 2018 with some great new images which were well-received. This event is always a major focus for us, and not just because we get a glimpse of Vienna, but because we get to hear directly from real customers about their challenges and needs, we got to see where new technological developments are having an impact and were able to showcase our new products.

Visitors to our stand were interested in photon counting and charge sharing correction technology, in our detectors and in understanding how the technology, such as dual energy detection, impacts an image.

You can find out more about our time at ECR by watching this video diary from Sales and Marketing Director, Nathanael Allison, here:

In the middle of the week we took the opportunity to get the whole team together, from our offices in the UK, Sweden and Germany, to discuss the interesting things we’d learnt at ECR over a wonderful meal at the beautiful Steirereck im Stadtpark.

We were also delighted to be hosted by Business Sweden at the Swedish Embassy in Vienna for their SWERAD event. Hand-written invites were sent and we enjoyed sharing the evening with many key members of the Swedish and European Society of Radiology.

If you’d like to meet with us next year at ECR drop us an email (

SPIE Medical Imaging 2018

Christer Ullberg celebrated Valentine’s Day this year by delivering his talk at SPIE Medical Imaging in Houston Texas, USA. We’re grateful to his dedication to technology!

He’s a world expert on photon counting detection, so his talk on “Photon counting, dual energy x-ray imaging at CT count rates: measurements and implications of in-pixel charge sharing correction” stimulated many interesting questions from the audience.

The interest in our dual energy technology is growing and we try to make sure we respond to all the queries, whether at events or online, and encourage you to contact us, or meet with us at the next event. We’re already looking forward to San Diego 2019.

 iCT 2018

In early February, York Haemisch attended the 8th Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography at the University of Applied Sciences in Austria. An interesting and informative conference, it provided a number of thought-provoking takeaways, such as the move in industry towards robotic X-ray CT for use in production lines.

The keynote speech from Phillip Janello, BMW Munich, on increasing use of CT in industrial processes was well-received, as was the fascinating talk from Denis Kiefel, Testia, on the growing demands for testing in the aerospace industry.

Denis was particularly interesting on how increasing use of composite materials, and the limits of ultrasound, are leading to greater demand for X-ray systems.

MediSens 2018

At the end of February, we sponsored MediSens 2018, a European Medical Imaging Technology conference focused on bringing academia, industry and clinicians together.

The venue – the world famous Royal Marsden Hospital in London – was chosen for the focus on medical imaging in oncology.

Roland and York, were there to hear directly from clinicians about the challenges they face. Low dose was a key discussion point, but also the need for systems to deliver decision-supporting information without an overload of data.

Quantative imaging, Dynamic imaging, Hybrid imaging were all actively debated.

Our sponsorship of MediSens 2018 is part of our continued commitment to developing technology which contributes to medical progress and responds to the clinical community. As we are strongly driven by our own research and development initiatives, we work hard to continuously understand the driving needs of our end customers.

Future of Imaging

To finish a particularly busy February for Direct Conversion, we partnered with Mediaplanet UK on the 2018 Future of Imaging campaign in The Guardian newspaper and online here.

This publication focuses on raising awareness of the crucial role imaging plays in the healthcare sector and features insightful articles from some of the industry’s leading experts.

You can learn more about the campaign online at:

Chicago Dental Society

The Chicago Dental Society meeting is a key event for bringing the world of dentistry together. Spencer Gunn, Direct Conversion CEO, travelled there to meet with several key customers, and to network. If you’d like to meet up with us in Chicago next year, do let us know.

Spencer Gunn Interview

There was also a great piece on our CEO, Spencer Gunn. The London Economic spoke to him about his journey to become head of a leading, global X-ray imaging company. The interview explored his personal journey and what he considers the most important factors and key pieces of advice which helped him most on his extraordinary rise to CEO.

You can read the full interview here. 

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