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Dual Energy

Nathanael Allison

August 24, 2017

The ability to get two energy images with one single exposure.

Our dual energy technology gives our customers the ability to have photon energy discrimination. In a single exposure, you can set a low energy and high energy cut off. This means that each individual frame will have separate information about both low energy X-ray photons and high energy X-ray photons. This powerful tool, not only allows low energy scatter to be removed thereby improving image quality, it also enables material differentiation by exploiting different transmission energy properties of different materials. In one shot, you can separate different materials in your sample.

  • 藍晨英

    We successfully use XC FX50 and the DE function for a medical CT application. Any other successful stories you can share?
    We try to use for syncrotron. Testing. James Narovision Taiwan.

    • Nathanael Johansen-Allison

      Thanks for the feedback James. Colorado beamline and Australian Synchrotron are using our detectors for similar applications. Great to hear the feedback.


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