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RSNA Chicago 2017

Direct Conversion booth, South - Hall A: 3159.

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RSNA 2017 – Photon Counting: The Hot Topic in X-Ray Imaging

We will be talking about Photon Counting at RSNA.

We are bringing our design team experts from Finland, Sweden, the UK and the USA to our booth to answer your questions and to explain how photon counting enables contrast and quantitative information relating to the spectral nature of the image to be used, revealing new levels of detail.

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What is Photon Counting?

Photon counting implies direct conversion of X-rays to an electric signal and the strength of this signal can be used to infer the X-ray energy at conversion – which in turn provides for spectral imaging – colour X-ray images. Using this spectral information can reveal new physiological information useful in diagnosis of existing disease and, more importantly, the precursors to it such as calcium build up in arteries.

Head to the Direct Conversion booth, South – Hall A: 3159, and they’ll explain all you need to know.

Who we are

Direct Conversion own the Ajat and XCounter brands and have in- house R&D teams who design and manufacture a wide range of world-class photon counting detectors (as well as sensors, chips and wafers).

Using photon counting removes the trade-off between higher energy photons and high resolution, and direct conversion of the photons allows for thicker convertors which are more efficient but still have high resolution. Cadmium telluride (CdTe) is extremely radiation hard and when used as the semiconductor it enables the detector to convert the incoming X-rays directly into electric signals. In addition, our own version of TDI enables a high performing product.

The Hydra family of detectors is capable of performing at more 10,000 lines/s (1m/s) with 100 micron resolution and dual energy output; delivering better quality X-ray images, faster, with a detector built for reliability, long life, and low maintenance.

Presentation on Photon Counting Technology

come to hear a talk about the latest developments by Christer Ullberg, XCounter CTO.

Wednesday 29th November 10am CDT (UTC/GMT-5)

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