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Realising the Future of X-ray Detectors

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Direct conversion – compared to indirect conversion.

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Leading-edge Technologies

Photon counting for spectral energy imaging

Our unique detectors offer fast scanning, frame-mode and smart scan mode imaging. Our pricing is comparable with our competitors – our commitment to being the best at what we do is above and beyond.

Since the first photon counting gas detector development in 1997 (XCounter), we have continued to build deep expertise, honing our innovative approach to rapidly develop technologies with imaging levels which are at the leading edge.

Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) – CMOS technology

Our detectors do not have a scintillator. We use CdTe to directly convert photons to electrical signals. This removes a step which can add smearing or blurring, and removes a component which can deteriorate over time. The benefits include fast acquisition, long life time, improved resolution and contrast.

A unique combination of technologies delivering outstanding value:

Photon counting: high signal to noise ratio, zero dark signal and no afterglow

Direct conversion: CdTe for direct conversion of photons to electricity without a scintillator

ASICs: a 3-side ASIC gives modular options to match the size required with up to 2500 transistors per pixel capturing digital information

Spectral energy: the collection of information at each pixel via one or more thresholds corresponding to energy levels of the incident radiation.

Super-resolution: the capture of features beyond the physical pixel size using sophisticated scanning protocols to produce an increased effective resolution, enhancing the image quality

Fully digital TDI

Anti-coincidence technology

Scintillator technology

Direct Conversion



Dual Energy
Time Delay Summation
Photon counting and charge integration technologies

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